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Welcome To The Embrace!

Open for Drop In:
Monday - Thursday
10am - 4pm

Who Are We?

The Embrace Center is located at 14 Jarvis Street in Fort Erie. Our mission is to reach out to the local communities and provide a safe space for discussion, faith exploration, and sometimes just a warm place to sit. During drop-in hours, anyone can stop by to talk to Rev. Bill, who is available to discuss almost any topic, ranging from the LGBTQ+ community to Batman's latest comic issue. 

We embrace our mission, and our community, by having the kettle always ready to make a cup of tea and providing a wide range of supplies that people may need to get them through to the next pay day. Supplies such as toothpaste, shampoo, feminine hygiene products, etc. If you or someone you know may need supplies like this, feel free to stop by during the drop-in hours, or contact Rev. Bill at

Along with our drop-in hours, we have a range of programming that is offered out of our location. Programs range in subject matter but include our Food For The Body (And For The Soul), Creative Spirit group and Youth Group. 

To see what events are coming up at the Embrace Center, check out our Events Page here!

Help Us Give Back!

The Embrace Centre provides access to a number of high demand hygiene supplies like deodorant, feminine products, etc. Through the summer we also have socks and hats to give away, while in the winter we have gloves, toques and mitts. 
We are always happy to accept donations for this portion of our ministry! Please feel free to reach out to Rev. Bill if you have a donation you would like to drop off, but don't see it on the list. 


All Year Needs:
- Deodorant
- Feminine Pads and Liners
- Shampoo and Conditioner
- Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
- Hand Soap and Sanitizer
- Diapers
- Socks
- Individually wrapped snacks
- Dried Food Goods and Canned Goods


Summer Time Needs:
- Sun screen
- Ankle Socks
- "Baseball" caps

- Sneakers*
- Shorts*
- T-shirts*

Winter Time Needs:
- Toques
- Mitts and Gloves
- Hand warmers

- Boots*
- Coats*
- Sweaters*

* Please note that these items can only be accepted during certain times, and while space is available. Please call beforehand.


What's in the Window?

The windows facing the street are always full of something meaningful and/or festive. As the year goes on, many important events and milestones should be recognized! Therefore, we try to keep our display as current as possible. 

The stained glass window shown in our front display is from People's Memorial United Church of Ridgeway. Although they had to close their doors, we will continue to remember all of the good things that they did for their community by proudly displaying this part of their heritage right here in Fort Erie. 

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