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Newsletter and Calendar Vault

Are you looking for a little bit of extra information about what's going on? Read our newsletters! These go out every three months to keep the congregation up to date. We cover as many topics as we can, showing both the congregation and the community the amazing things that are happening in and around us. God shows us a beautiful life, and we are all blessed to be living it to the fullest!

 If you would like to receive the newsletter, or have an idea to add, please sign up by emailing one of our ministry team. 

You'll notice our monthly calendars are also available. There are so many things happening at the church, that sometimes it's hard to keep it all straight! Check out the past calendars below;

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Misc. Logos (3).png
Misc. Logos (2).png
Misc. Logos (1).png
Misc. Logos.png
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